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High Blood Pressure In The Elderly

High blood pressure is a silent epidemic in the U.S. Obesity, poor diet and large amounts of sodium contribute to this problem, and the elderly are at risk for problems, especially if the diet has been poor over the course a long lifetime.

There are many dangers to high blood pressure, including kidney and heart disease. The pressure can cause problems in the blood vessels themselves, causing them to become weak. When this happens, an aneurism may develop, which can lead to a rupture. This rupture can occur anywhere in the body, but can be devastating if it’s in the brain or a major artery.

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Migraine Headaches

Migraines are often confused with headaches. But migraines are not normal headaches. With migraines, enlargement of blood vessels or vasodilatations occur. This results to a release of chemicals in the brain such as serotonin from the nerve fibers. These chemicals lead to the inflammation and enlargement of the arteries. The inflammation, unfortunately, is interpreted by people as pain.

All these, however, are still yet to be fully understood by doctors and specialists. What these specialists presume is that the certain blood vessels in the brain enlarge (also known as vasodilatation) because of some changes in the physical and chemical condition of the body. And because people from the medical community have yet to fully determine the circumstances and conditions related to migraine, there is no sure fire treatment for migraines. Simply put, there is no definite cure for treatment. What can be done is to treat the pain and other physical manifestations of the condition.

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Fasting Health Benefits and Pitfalls

Fasting is ┬ábecoming very popular, but the question is, should we fast? There are fasting health benefits and pitfalls, and you should be careful with fasting. Looking at fasting, it will not do us any harm in the short term, but the question is, should we fast on a regular basis. I have tried fasting as part of a medical experiment, and I have to say that I wasn’t too happy with some of the results. The process of fasting elevated my liver enzymes, and unfortunately that means that your liver is experiencing stress, but there are other pitfalls as well.

The Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting should be practiced out of necessity. It is unlikely to do you any harm if you do for a few days, but it may not do you any good neither. So, when should you consider fasting? The best time to fast is when you are sick. Perhaps your mom used to give you chicken soup when you were little. This is a very simple form of fasting, and helps the body to heal itself.

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health advice

Do we over make complex wellness guidance, or not clarify it well sufficient? The reality is that the majority of physicians are not educated to hand out suggestions, and also they frequently make the language of their guidance also challenging, or do not clarify themselves at all. They such as to reveal off their specialist side as well as usually make use of complex terms when offering or clarifying an idea guidance.
Our medical professionals would definitely like us to work out much more, yet they rarely use recommendations on exactly how we need to do it. Asking a medical professional for sensible workout suggestions is possibly one of the worst points that you could do.

The point is, that you do not require to stroll much to profit from this easiest type of workout. If, you cannot take care of a devoted strolling workout everyday, you could most likely handle 3 10 min periods. Stroll at an excellent speed, and also you will certainly shed 5 calories every min.

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