Health Benefits of Honey

Some people swear that certain types of honey are better than others, but I am not sure that is true. It could be that some honeys contain certain plant extracts which might be more beneficial. Manuka honey seems to be more useful for internal health problems such as Acid reflux, and it could be a remedy which is worth trying. However, a famous ancient Egypt doctor once said that what honey cannot heal, it cannot harm. This means its health benefits have been put to good use for a very long time. But, what did those ancient Egyptians use it for?

Use Honey Like an Egyptian

Honey has been found in many tombs in ancient Egypt. Most of it is so well preserved that it can be used still, and that says a lot of for the healing power of honey. During those thousands of years it has been left in a tomb, it has fought of mold and bacteria, and survived it all to be spread on some archaeologist’s toast in the morning.

Doctors in Egypt used it as a bit of cure all, and fortunately for us, they took they time to record it. It was a popular for wound care, and used to be spread on wounds to make sure that they healed. Of course, it will help a great deal. First of all, it seals the wound, and the microbic qualities in the honey can go to work uninterrupted. Try it next time you get a cut, but make sure that you are using pure honey. Not that sort of stuff you buy in the supermarket with added sugar.

Sore Throat and Honey

Honey can both soothe a sore throat and treat it. It feels really nice to have a hot drink with some added honey. Try a cup of chamomile tea, and two teaspoons of honey, and you will see that your throat will soon feels much better. The antiseptic properties in honey will also help to fight of the infection, and give your cells some extra energy to heal themselves. Once you cells have been able to fight off the infection, continue the honey regime for a few days.

Our ancient Egyptian doctor made it clear that it was very important to continue the treatment. He noted that the patients who continued the “honey treatment” did not relapse. Of course, he may not have understood about the immune system, but today we know that honey can help to boost our immune system.

Arthritis and Honey

Arthritis was a big problem in ancient Egypt, and we can confirm this by many of the remains that we have found. There were many cures and treatments for arthritis, but one of the most popular one was honey. Thanks to the diligence of the doctors who worked at the temple of Kom Ombo near Luxor, we know that they used honey to treat arthritis patients.

The honey was administered in three ways. First of all, you had to eat it on an empty stomach in the morning, and then again before every meal. It was also essential that you ate it before you went to bed, and spread it around your gums. Clever thinking by the Egyptians as this allowed the honey to enter the bloodstream very quickly, and it also provided the person with pain relief from the amino acids in honey.

Honey was also added to massage oils, and the affected area of the body, had to be massaged with the concoction three times per day. It warmed up the joint, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the honey went to work.

It was also added to cooking, and the patient was told to not eat red meat without added honey. If, he could not afford honey for his cooking, he was to avoid red meat. Mmmm….. haven’t we just found that red meat raises our inflammatory response, makes both arthritis and gout worse?

Perhaps we should find out a bit more about what the ancient Egyptians knew about the health benefits of honey? We maybe a bit behind the times…

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